Securing gas transport wagons during a safety exercise

Safety is our number one priority

At UGI International, safety is ingrained in our DNA. We are committed to creating a workplace where each each one of us feels safe, valued and empowered to prioritize safety in all aspects of our work. With a strong safety culture, enhanced communication and a dedication to leadership and ownership, we continuously strive for excellence in safety.

Our safety culture

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating a robust safety culture within our organization. Safety moments have become an integral part of our daily operations, making sure everyone remains vigilant and actively fosters a safe environment. We engage everyone who are deeply committed to safety, providing them with guidance and leadership from experienced professionals. Our emphasis on continuous improvement, rather than blame, encourages a fair proactive approach to safety.  

We have understandable and relevant standards, guidelines and procedures that serve as the cornerstone of our safety culture. Close collaboration between our safety teams and all our business operations across UGI is strongly encouraged to foster a sense of unity in our commitment to safety.

Avantigas driver in front of his truck

Enhanced communication

We understand the pivotal role that communication plays in our safety journey. By sharing successes, investigation results and best practices, we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and continuous learning. Our commitment to transparency makes sure information flows freely across all levels of the organization, enabling us to learn from each other’s experiences and improve our safety practices collectively.

Leadership and ownership

Safety is not just the responsibility of our safety teams; it is a shared responsibility of each and every one of us within our organization. Our managers, at all levels, truly embrace safety as a number one priority within their teams. Through initiatives like the Buddy Program, they mentor and guide their colleagues, ensuring a safe work environment for all. We empower colleagues to take ownership of safety by providing them with the necessary tools, resources and training to make informed decisions and actively contribute to our safety goals.

Gas fire extinguishing exercise

Adherence to standards

We do not just meet our safety standards, we exceed them. While many of our sites adhere to internationally recognized ISO standards (ISO 14001 for environment, ISO 9001 for quality, and ISO 45001/18001 for safety), all sites, including those not on the ISO scheme, follow our UGI International Industrial Management System (IMS). This comprehensive set of internal regulations covers everything from plant design and equipment standards to business supply and fleet vehicle requirements. The IMS standards exceed national legislation in terms of safety and equipment requirements and serve as the backbone of our safety practices. These frameworks provide a solid foundation for consistency and reliability in our safety procedures. We continuously monitor and evaluate our adherence to these standards making sure we are always at the forefront of safety excellence.

Global and local initiatives

We believe in striking a balance between implementing group-wide safety campaigns and embracing local initiatives, tailored to the specific needs of each country and even each site. Our comprehensive approach ensures that safety remains a top priority across all our operations while addressing the unique challenges faced by each location. By integrating global best practices with local expertise, we create a safety framework that is both effective and adaptable.

Proactive reporting

Prevention is at the heart of our safety culture. We have a proactive focus on reporting of near misses and addressing potential hazards promptly to prevent incidents from occurring. Colleagues are encouraged to report any near misses they encounter, no matter how insignificant. By identifying and mitigating risks early on, we create a safer working environment and prevent potential incidents from happening.

A KosanGas truckin Norway

Our global and local safety teams

Both our global and local safety teams play a crucial role in our commitment to safety. With their active presence on-site, our local safety teams conduct regular audits, provide face-to-face communication and offer direct site-based feedback to make sure safety remains a priority at all times. Their expertise and dedication help us maintain a proactive approach to safety and continuously improve our safety practices.   

But our safety work does not stop there. Our global safety team provide guidance, support and leadership from experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of occupational and process safety best practices. The global safety team collaborates closely with the local safety teams, fostering a culture of reality-based improvement and knowledge sharing. By working together, our global and local safety teams combine their expertise and perspectives to achieve outstanding safety results, making sure safety remains the number one priority of our operations.

This collaborative approach allows us to address both global safety concerns and local country or site-specific challenges effectively.

Flaga employees during a safety exercise

Our shared mission and goals

Safety is not just a 'tick box exercise'; it is a shared mission that unites every team member of our organization. We are deeply committed to our ambitious safety goals and with a shared understanding and a spirit of unity, we work together as "one team" to achieve these targets. Our collective efforts are guided by a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to the wellbeing of  everyone.

These achievements have resulted in outstanding safety statistics we are proud to share. We have successfully achieved 500,000 working hours without serious recordable injury across all business units, which translates to more than 20,000 workdays, injury-free, across the entire UGI group.  

This remarkable milestone is a testament to the dedication and experience of our colleagues, as well as our unwavering adherence to UGI International's 5 Golden Rules of Safety, strict compliance with our Industrial Management System guidelines and the active involvement of qualified third parties and contractors.

5 golden rules of safety


UGI International is committed to building upon this foundation of safety excellence. Together, we can ensure safety remains our number one priority and an integral part of everything we do and continue to strive for even greater achievements in the future.